Ten things you should know about indigenous oral traditions

Oral traditions markedly retain Indigenous history by passing traditional, cultural, and social information from generation to generation. For indigenous communities and societies living in Canada, the creation of stories, affiliation to the native land, language, historical accounts, teachings, cultural stories, and ecological knowledge have been preserved by means of oral traditions and customs for centuries. Native people have passed these accounts and stories from one generation to the other without transcription. When we think about the oral traditions and how they are preserved, we are stunned because it is almost impossible to retain and share information orally. (more…)

Oral history events worth visiting

Oral history has gained widespread popularity over the passage of time. When it comes to Canada this form of history is regarded as one of the most authentic sources to collect the past events. The info provided by such historians is highly authentic and therefore it is used to get a complete picture of the past. There are different events held by different organizations in Canada to make sure that the best output provided to the history students. It also means that the relation between the history and its learners is fostered. History is that part of our lives which hold an important part in our lives. Canadian history organizations make sure that the bond is further strengthened. (more…)